The Process Studio Theatre, Incorporated, a not-for-profit corporation, has its main theater location at 257 Church Street in the Tribeca section of Manhattan, as well as off-premises productions at various locations throughout the New York metropolitan area in the United States, and in the Montmartre area in Paris.  The Process Studio Theatre was incorporated in New York State in 1977 under the 501 (c) 3 Federal tax-exempt status.  The Theatre is an acknowledged educational facility recognized by the New York State Department of Education.  July 17, 2010 marked our 33-year anniversary.

Our progress up until now has been due, in part, to the generosity of several businesses and individual supporters.  The  benevolence of our dedicated donors are continually and most gratefully appreciated.   As a cultural organization, we need help.  Your help.  Without it, we cannot succeed.

Since our inception we have continually produced new productions, including plays, movies, musicals, dance works and band and orchestral pieces teaching and promoting new talent and expertise in all phases of theater and cinema.  As part of our philosophy, we feel training in all areas is vital to the ultimate success in any of the fields related to film, theater and the various performing arts. A portion of our work involves training new artists in the support phases of the theater: pianists teaching new pianists the art of musical directing, stage managers teaching aspiring stage managers the skills required to stage manage a production, lighting designers training assistant lighting designers in their art, and so to every phase of theater and film work.

In addition we do community outreach, extending our productions and resources to the New York City community, and focusing most notably on children, retirees, seniors, the disabled, and people with life threatening illnesses. We also have liaisons with other organizations whose purpose is to provide substantial help, support, and resources to people for whom cultural input may provide light and hope.

We have signed a 43-year no-rent lease in our space.  This lease grants us the latitude to transform our current Off-Broadway space into the major Cultural Center of Lower Manhattan we have envisioned since our beginning. While this is an ambitious undertaking, many of the necessary elements for success are present.  We have the established Theater and Conservatory, the company of performers, the manpower, the knowledge and expertise and now the security of a forty-three year lease.  It would be an unfortunate loss and great waste of potential to allow insufficient funding to interfere with its success, particularly in this financial climate in which maximizing existing resources is so important.

The Process Studio is currently performing a total renovation of its 2,700 square foot theater space, complete with a new entrance sidewalk and infrastructure. The renovations will be in the neighborhood of $1,800,000.00.  Since there is no budget for this construction, it seems evident that an endeavor of this magnitude could not possibly be done without the support of the community and its members.  To date, all of our work has been done through direct donors: that is, plumbers who donate their plumbing work, supply houses providing supplies, engineers donating their expertise, and so on to all areas of our needs.

Despite the passage of several years, the September 11 events have had a significant impact on the Tribeca community.  Many of our neighborhood commercial enterprises have been devastated or gone entirely out of business.  This is not only terrible for the community, but it also reduces our potential community support base considerably.

All our major contributors will receive permanent status in the Theater, and invitations to special productions and cast and production parties will be sent to you, as you will truly be a part of the Process Studio Theatre.

Please feel free to call on us if there is anything that we can do for you, your company or its staff.

We look forward to hearing from you.