Bonfire Videos

SHERMAN MCCOY (Randal Turner) recalls the imaginary power of his 'Masters of the Universe' childhood toys after being beaten during his first evening in prison.

JUDY MCCOY (Anne-Carolyn Bird) responds to her husband's confession to an ongoing affair.

The McCoy's find their house surrounded by protesters as the scandal escalates.

MARIA RUSKIN (Yingjie Zhou) turns heads at Sherman's party, shamelessly lamenting her prenuptial obligations to the boorish ARTHUR RUSKIN (Benjamin Bloomfield).

Opposing attorneys KRAMER (Glenn Seven Allen) and TAMARA (Adrienne Danrich) commune over the challenges facing the judicial system in New York City.

PETER FALLOW (Kyle van Schoonhoven) gets roughly shaken down by REVEREND BACON (Kevin Maynor) for his attempt to expose Bacon's fraudulence.