Michael Bergmann



He graduated with a B.A. in Latin from Columbia University in 1975 and studied film concurrently at N.Y.U. Undergraduate Film School and then at the N.Y.U. Graduate School of Film and Television.

In 1995 he made his first feature, Milk and Money, on 35 mm film produced by RKO Pictures, but as early as 1976 he began making narrative films on video from his own scripts. Bergmann’s films are “sexy, surreal and entirely original,” (Sam Maser, Program director of the Hamptons International Film festival, 1995) and “unafraid to be both smart and silly,” (Lisa Nesselson, writing in Variety, 2002).
Milk and Money features performances by Calista Flockhart, Margaret Colin, Marin Hinkle, Olympia Dukakis and Dina Merrill in varied and engaging roles for women. Such roles characterize Bergmann’s writing and directing. His prize-winning short [In Bed With My Books], which explores the interior lives of older women, was an audience favorite at the Montréal festival.

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